The short story of Lorena’s life

image Lorena Rojas/ Twitter

Lorena was born on February 10, 1971, in Mexico City, Mexico. Her first part in a telenovela was in “Alcanzar una Estella” in 1990. The telenovela was so successful that they recorded part 2 the following year. In the years to come, her success, as the number of telenovelas she played grow. Some of her roles are in the following:

Buscando El Paraiso

Bajo un Mismo Postro

El Alma No Tiene Color

Azul Tequila

Como en El Cine

Ladron de Corazones

El Curpo del Deseo, which became an international success

Alcazar una Estrella


Demente Criminal

In 2001, she started her singer carrier with her debut album “ Como Yo No Hay Ninguna “. Her second music album “Deseo” came out in 2006 and in 2014 “ Hijos del sol” which was a children’s music album.

In 2006, she was named on the list of the “100 most Beautiful.”

She loved children, and she tried numerous time to get pregnant but with no success. She wanted so bad to be a mother that she adopted a little girl a few days after she was born, because becoming a mother was her biggest dream.  In 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but not even the cancer can stop Lorena living her dream. Luciana, made her last 2 years on earth the most beautiful days she ever dreamed she will live.

Lorena presenting her baby


sad Lorena when she introduced her baby.

She even recorded a song for her daughter. Between her tweets is one that was sent to her by one of her fans.

After several surgeries and treatments, her cancer came back and spread in her liver. She dies a few days after she turns 44 years old, but she does it surrounded by her family and friend and knowing how loved she was.

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